Other Single Oils

Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) has a spicy scent similar to the bay leaves used in cooking. Bay laurel is uplifting, calming, and grounding. Ancient Greeks and Romans used leaves of the laurel tree to crown their victors, and the Greeks crowned their scholars with them as well. Laurus Nobilis has an approximate ORAC of 989,025. 100% Pure premium grade wild crafted oil Laurus nobils is available from Turkey, Crete or the U.S.A.


BERGAMOT (Citrus bergamia) has a fresh, sweet, citrus scent that is familiar to many as the flavoring in Earl Grey Tea. Uplifting and relaxing, it is good for building confidence and enhancing your mood. It has a long history of use for oily and troubled skin. Caution: Bergamot oil can cause severe burns when used on sensitive skin that has been exposed to sunlight due to the high bergaptene content. 100% Pure premium grade wild crafted oil is available from Italy.

Black Cumin

BLACK CUMIN (Nigella sativa). The black cumin plant was used by the ancient Egyptians as a spice and for medicinal purposes. The Romans also used the seeds for culinary purposes. Seeds are cold pressed or steam distilled. 100% Pure premium grade wild crafted oil is available from Egypt or India.

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