Lemon Oil

Scientific Name: Citrus limonum

Indigenous to China, lemon was brought to the West by Arabian travelers who regarded it for its refreshing, cleansing and essential antioxidant qualities. Lemon oil has become popular in contemporary household products such as dish soap, spray cleaners and air fresheners.

This essential oil has a high content of vitamin A, B, and C and as such has been used historically in the ranks of military and pioneering people to fight off the common disease of scurvy.

Therapeutic lemon essential oil (Citrus limonum) made from the zest of the lemon may be sourced from organic orchards in Italy. Best when cold pressed from the peel of the lemon.

Lemon Precautions

Do NOT apply undiluted or use on skin that will be exposed directly to sunlight within 72 hours as it can lead to a sunburn (citrus oils make the skin sensitive to sunlight). Always test a small amount of any essential oil first for sensitivity or allergic reaction.

Note: This information is for educational purposes only, and it is not guaranteed to be complete.

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