The Truth about Therapeutic Essential Oils

How to Identify Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

When it comes to your health, quality counts.
Find out below what oil companies don’t want you to know when it comes to therapeutic essential oils…

When searching in PubMed, one of the largest online databases of published studies, one finds thousands of documents and reviews on essential oils. Essential oils have potent antimicrobial, and immune supportive properties, making them suitable for antibacterial purposes, immune support and for food preservation among many other uses.

For medicinal purposes, using essential oils correctly and safely is key. And finding true, therapeutic quality oils can be quite challenging. Read on to learn more what to look for when selecting the best quality oils when it comes to supporting your health. I also cover my favorite essential oils here.

therapeutic essential oil facts and myths Essential oil quality myths. The facts and myths of essential oil quality.

 What does ‘pure’ really mean? The truth about essential oil purity claims and marketing tactics.

 7 keys to oil quality How testing guarantees quality for demanding medicinal and therapeutic essential oil uses.

 Essential oil uses: How to use therapeutic essential oils safely and effectively.



Top Picks

 Organic Germ Fighter BlendAntibacterial Blend. For antibacterial support, winter wellness and to help boost to your immune system. The Antibacterial Blend called Germ Fighter was inspired by historical English Royal Archives–including the richly-scented and supportive oils that were produced by cities that were virtually unscathed by the plague. This blend is great for adult skin uses, bathing and air diffusing. The oil is a blend of cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, clove, rosemary and lemon. These oils offer a multitude of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and soothing effects, warming and supporting your physical function from the deepest level.

Lavender oil. A timeless favorite and one of the most beneficial of all the essential oils. It’s uplifting and relaxing. Great for occasional skin irritations and calming the mind for peaceful sleep. A wonderful addition to ease feelings of anxiety and tension.


Buy Plant Therapy Wellness Oils

 Order Essential Oils. Our source of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils is from Plant Therapy. We’ve used these oils for years and they are Michelle’s favorite – one of the few brands that she tolerates well with no side effects. Each lot is tested and verified and all test results are published.

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