Eucalyptus Oil

Scientific Name: Eucalyptus radiata


Native to Australia, eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata) are among the tallest trees in the world. Eucalyptus oil is steam distilled from the leaves. This oil has long been used for respiratory support. Eucalyptus oil has expectorant, mucolytic and decongestant properties. There are many species of Eucalyptus oil on the market but Eucalyptus radiata is one of the safest varieties.

Eucalyptus Precautions

Always test a small amount of any essential oil first for sensitivity or allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children. Eucalyptus oil should not be applied to the facial areas, especially the nose or eyes. Nor for use on the face of small children or infants (use tea tree oil around the nose and eyes instead). Some people may have allergic reactions, including rashes and itching, when applying eucalyptus oil topically.

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